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As much as I like design and art, I think communicating ideas and reflecting on one’s experiences in a written or verbal form is something that sets a good designer apart. Here is a couple of articles I wrote.

Remote control: looking back at my first year working remotely

Working remotely

Published on UX Planet

Even though I had experienced some resemblance of working remotely like freelancing, building a product with my buddy, and working from home one or two days a week, I had never embarked on a 100% remote journey. Until last year, when I joined Litmus (a remote-friendly company with offices in Boston, San Mateo and London, and the rest of the team distributed around the globe) as a Product Designer working right outside out of Toronto …

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How to create a dramatic vector illustration

Understand humans better

Published on Smashing Magazine

I have been drawing desktop wallpapers for Smashing Magazine’s monthly collections for over a year now, and every time it’s a very fun and challenging mission. In this article, I would like to share how I approach all stages of the process and provide …

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Find a friend, boost your creativity, and make your digital dream come true

Leave your comfort zone

Published on Smashing Magazine

Are you passionate about something? Do you have a secret project? Not something that will change the world (though who knows?), but will definitely change you? Do you have a friend who complements your skills? Has anyone recently asked …

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